One Quebec transit system is doing its part to reduce the affect cars can have on the environment. The STL, the transit system of Laval, is introducing a cheaper fare to encourage more people to use transit rather than drive. 

On days when Environment Canada issues a smog alert, STL, which not only services Laval but also crosses the bridge into Ottawa, will reduce their fare to only $1 in hopes that more people will choose the bus rather than drive. 

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The special fare lasts throughout the summer, ending at the beginning of September on Labour Day. 

This isn't the first time STL has offered this fare, in fact they have been doing it for a few years now. While STL is the only Quebec transit system to offer an special fare to reduce smog, this system has been implemented in other cities around the world. 

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Cities have been doing these incentives as far back as 2003, when Windsor first offered free transit on smog days as a pilot project. Even internationally this incentive program has been seen in cities with summer smog problems such as Milan, Italy and Seoul, South Korea. 

Some people are saying they would love to see the same kind of program implemented in even more cities like Montreal. While critics of the cheaper fare say it's not enough and they still wouldn't want to deal with longer commutes and crowded buses, in both Laval and Windsor there were big increases in the number of transit riders on smog days with lower fares. 

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The STL will be keeping riders up to date on official smog days from Environment Canada through their website. 

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