The biggest downside of warm weather is that it usually means a whole lot of bugs are suddenly everywhere. While people have gotten used to your garden variety bugs like ants, mosquitos, and spiders, one particularly large bug is currently making the rounds on Reddit. 

The giant ichneumon wasp or, as the interent has called it, the really big f*cking wasp, was recently spotted in Ottawa and people are not OK with it. 

Via mouffin

The wasps can be bigger than five inches long and have long tails that they stab into trees to lay eggs.  A Reddit user shared photos of one they saw in an Ottawa neighbourhood and people are not here for it. 

The reactions on Reddit range from burning the city down, identifying it as the devil himself, to a whole lot of nope. 

Via Reddit

One Redditor even shared that they had an infestation of the wasps last year in their garage because the fire wood they kept stacked in their garage was full of eggs that later hatched. 

Of course there are also a few people on the thread saying that the bug looks cool and neat, and some even saying they are helpful bugs as they are a parasite that kills other, more harmful bugs. 

@nymphkesaliembedded via  

The good news is while the bugs a freaky to look at they are harmless to humans and don't even sting. That being said, I still don't want them anywhere near me. 

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