With elections just around the corner, all parties are getting ready to run in federal elections this upcoming October. However, as elections continue to draw near, it seems as if some parties are more prepared than others. Canada's party candidate numbers are in, and the People's Party of Canada actually has more candidates than both the Liberals and the NDP. 

When it comes to Canadian politics, all parties have candidates that run for MP throughout the 338 ridings of Canada. Each elected candidate from these ridings will get a seat at the House of Commons. 

It's important for parties to be able to have candidates throughout all ridings of the nation, as these candidates help to determine the actual Prime Minister of Canada. 

However, it currently seems that some parties have more candidates than others. According to David Akin, a chief policial correspondent for Global, as of 3 PM on Thursday, the People's Party currently has 314 candidates who are running.

With only 338 total ridings in Canada, that's only 24 candidates short of running throughout the entire nation. For a new party, these numbers come as a shock for most Canadians, especially considering the more notable Liberal and NDP parties currently have less candidates. 

However, despite the shocking numbers, Andrew Scheer's conservatives currently take the lead with the most amount of candidates, currently at 332, only 6 short for having full ridings. 

The Green Party falls in third with 274 candidates and the Liberals fourth with 273 candidates. The NDP party comes in last with less than half of the ridings in Canada, with only 148 candidates. 

While the NDP and Liberal party seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to the number of candidates they have moving into the final months before elections, Global states that candidates can still be added to the race. 

During these months, nomination races can still be held to continue to add more candidates to a party, even when the official election season is underway. 

According to Global, all parties, including the Liberals and the NDP state that they will have candidates in all ridings in time for election day. 

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