This past weekend, photos have emerged of a huge wildfire that sent parts of British Columbia into a state of emergency. The wildfire was so large and dangerous that areas in BC were called into a state of emergency and families were ordered to evacuate the area. Since then, the state of emergency has ended but the fire continues. Over the weekend, people have been posting incredibly shocking pictures of the wildfire. 

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, a wildfire was sparked near the community of Lejac just 5 km east of Fraser Lake, British Columbia. By the afternoon, the wildfire had grown so large, that evacuation orders were put in place by the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako. This state of emergency ordered residents to leave the area near Lejac. 

At the time, the evacuation order was in effect for south of highway 16 to south of Roys Lake as well as west and east of Seaspunkut 4. In these areas, people were being told to leave immediately. Residents were also being told to shut off any gas and electrical appliances before leaving their houses. 

Altogether, about half of a dozen homes in the area were impacted by the evacuation order. In the evacuation alert area, about 40 people had to be ready to leave at a moments notice. 

According to BC Wildfire Services, calls reporting the fire came in around 4 PM on Saturday. At the time, the fire was about 4 hectares in size. By the evening, the fire grew to around 260 hectares due to significant winds. 

As of now, the fire is considered to be 236 hectares. While the evacuation order has ended, an evacuation alert remains in effect. 

The fire is currently sitting at 50% contained and 70% grounded. According to BC Wildfire Services, 30% of the area is a “natural fuel break” which will help to limit the spread of the fire.

Firefighters and aircrews are continuing to work on containing the fire. Today, there are 30 firefighters, 3 helicopters, and 15 pieces of heavy equipment on the scene. 

BC Wildfire Services believe the fire to be human-caused; however, the exact reason is unknown at this time. 

Since the fire has spread towards homes and towns, BC residents have been taking pictures of the blaze and sharing them online. These photos are incredibly terrifying and give you a shocking look into the dangerous reality of forest fires.

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