Inflammatory talks of trade wars and tariffs between Canada and the United States have been going on for a little while now, but mostly it has been about steel and other metal tariffs. 

Not anymore though. Canada has announced its intent to tariff 128 items being imported to Canada from the States and there are some interesting things on the list. 

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While there is obviously a large number of tariffs on steel, iron, and other metals, the government also intends to put tariffs on food, household goods, and other consumer products that will affect people's everyday life. 

On the list are toilet paper, paper products, beer, whiskey, alcohol, and of course food like pizza, maple syrup and cucumbers. 

These new tariffs mean it will cost the United States more money to send these goods into Canada. 

Via Department of Finance Canada

Steel and iron products will have a 25% surcharge applied to them while the household goods and other items will have a 10% surcharge. 

According to the government, the tariffs are a countermeasure to Trump's restrictive trade policies, which were announced by the President on May 30. The tariffs will apply to around $16 billion CAD worth of goods that are coming into Canada from the States. 

This number was carefully calculated by the government and is based on the estimated number of goods affected by Trump's tariffs. They are still considering if more measures against Trump will be necessary. 

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The tariffs go into effect on July 1, 2018, and will remain in place until Trump eliminates his restrictive-trade tariffs on Canadian goods.

Read the full list of items affected here

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