People have strong opinions about pizza. Can anyone really blame them? That became more apparent than ever when a flame war over the beloved food erupted on Twitter. It all started with one tweet about Pizza Pizza

The popular Canadian chain began trending on Twitter on May 15. However, it appeared that the trend started with one person sharing what turned out to be a rather inflammatory statement.

On May 14, user @moniquebakola wrote "pizza is bottom tier food, unless it’s from pizza pizza." The tweet also included a screencap from The Simpsons of Marge hiding her face in shame.

The discussion seemed to start in replies to the tweet, where people really took offense at the idea that Pizza Pizza was the only place that could offer a decent pie.

"Pizza Pizza is bottom of the barrel pizza for people who have the worst taste in food," wrote @mradamchristie.

"If you like pizza pizza try eating the box it came in. twice the portions, same flavour," replied @dirtbag_daddi.

Other users could not believe that anyone would ever consider pizza itself to be a "bottom tier food."

"And one more thing... Do not categorize my peoples' food as bottom tier!" wrote @epicsquidgey.

"Every part of your tweet is wrong, pretty amazing tbh," replied @STU_GATZZO.

Once the flame war broke out beyond the original tweet and its direct replies, both sides started sharing their opinions. Some stood up for Pizza Pizza, while others continued to bash it.

"People are seriously bashing pizza pizza its a hell of a lot better than papa johns crap give me a break want to bash pizza bash papa johns," wrote @halladayfan32

"If Pizza Pizza is forced to adjust their business model due to COVID-19, they should consider using their cooked pizza dough as cardboard packaging," wrote @JustHarrington.


Despite all of the shade that people were throwing at Pizza Pizza, a few commenters stepped up to talk about the superior quality of the chain's dipping sauces.

"Someone once said Pizza Pizza is a dipping sauce place that also sells pizza and nothing’s been the same since," wrote @SNFaizalKhamisa.

"Pizza pizza don’t even care how their pizza be tasting, they just continue to lace their dipping sauce with crack," wrote @__Gloverr.

No matter where people stand on the Pizza Pizza debate, it's clear that passions run high when it comes to the chain.

At least it's always there for late-night pies when they're needed.

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