Taking a trip can be incredibly expensive we all know that, but right now may be the best time to start booking flight tickets actually.  

Air fares in Canada have actually dropped in the past year, which is good news for anyone trying to book their summer holiday now. 

And it’s mainly due to a simple reason. 

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The rise of so many budget airlines means that now bigger companies like WestJet and Air Canada have had to lower their fares in order to compete with them. 

On average airline fares have fallen 7 per cent from where they were at this time last year. 

In some cities it’s even bigger.  

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Edmonton, for example, has seen a 40 per cent drop in the price of plane tickets for planes leaving the city, with the average ticket now costing $485. 

Winnipeg also saw a sharp drop off, with a 30 per cent dip in prices also down to $485 on average to get a flight out of the city.  

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Besides competition the other factor contributing to cheaper flights for Canadians is major airlines now offering things like basic economy classes on some flights as an even cheaper option for people who fly.  

So if you’re looking for somewhere to go on your summer break now may be a good time to start trying to find some cheap flights. 

Source: Huffington Post

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