As many businesses close their doors across Canada in order to protect workers and customers from the COVID-19 pandemic, some essential services still remain open. In order to help protect employees that are still coming into work, many companies have started to install shields around cash registers. Plexiglass shields in stores are only one of the ways that workers are currently being protected. 

In attempts to practice social distancing, plexiglass shields have already been brought into multiple different grocery store chains across Canada such as Sobeys, No Frills and IGA.

However, it is not only grocery stores that have been making the changes. 7-Eleven announced in a statement on March 27 that they will also be installing plexiglass sneezeguards at their registers across the nation. 

The LCBO will be doing the same in Ontario, according to The Ontario Public Service Employee Union (OPSEU).

“OPSEU has persuaded the LCBO to install plexiglass barriers at checkout counters and the work will be proceeding as soon as possible,” the union told Toronto Sun.

Along with the physical barriers that are being installed, essential stores also have their own rules on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

These include regulations on how many people are allowed in a store at a time, as well as preference of payments by debit and credit options.

A No Frills in London, Ontario tweeted the precautions they are taking to make sure people in their stores stay safe. Some of these include no cashback or refunds, and dedicated store hours for seniors. 

Images of the clear plastic shields have been popping up on social media. 

"Speaking of grocery stores, kudos to Loblaws Midland Ave. for installing these plexiglass barriers to protect borth customers and their essential staff," one twitter user wrote.


While non-essential businesses have been forced to shut their doors, the ones that remain are working to ensure that they keep people as safe as possible. 

Some essential businesses include grocery stores, pharmacies, and the LCBO. 

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