Police are reminding Canadians that if you've been drinking, driving any kind of vehicle is still considered drunk driving, after a Nova Scotia man was arrested for getting behind the wheel of an unconventional ride. 

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On Tuesday night, RCMP in Nova Scotia received reports of a lawn tractor being driven on the road. When they pulled the tractor over, they learned that the tractor driver was three times over the legal alcohol limit. 

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Andrew Melvin George was arrested at the scene and charged with impaired driving, as well as breach of probation and operating a motor vehicle while prohibited. 

The last charge is for driving the tractor, which is essentially just a ride-on lawn mower, on a roadway where it is not supposed to be. 

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Following the incident, RCMP are reminding people that, just because you aren't in a car, doesn't mean you aren't driving under the influence. 

In fact, in Canada cars, tractors, boats, trains, planes, helicopters and other motor vehicles such as ATVs and motorcycles are included in the impaired driving laws. This means if you have been drinking or on drugs, you can't drive any of these vehicles. 

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This particular incident with the tractor took place in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Geroge is due back in court on September 5. 

SOURCE: The Chronicle Herald

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