With Remembrance Day less than a week away, the iconic red symbol has been popping up everywhere.

From small handcrafted products to massive displays, many have taken to honouring those who have served by using the poppy in some pretty remarkable ways.

This anchor decorated in poppies outside Appledore Quay in the U.K. is simply stunning.

Edible poppy-styled cupcake? Yes, please.

If wearing one pin isn't doing it for your fashion style, these matching outfits are sure to do the trick.

And if dressing up yourself wasn't enough, some have taken to accessorizing their pets as well.

The flowering plants also make nice additions to art as well, like this work in Belarus.

Just look at the detail on these nails.

This digital display outside the Senate of Canada building in our nation's capital serves as a stunning tribute.

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