In Ontario, smoking areas won't just be for tobacco come October 17th. The provincial government just announced that recreational cannabis use will be allowed wherever cigarette smoking is permitted. This seems like a victory for some, but others aren't so pleased.

Previously, the Liberal government had a stricter set of consumption rules. Their regulations stated that come the legalization of marijuana, those of legal age would only be permitted to smoke cannabis in private residences.

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For those who do smoke pot, this is a huge win. As Robert Schwartz, a University of Toronto professor specializing in cannabis distribution mentioned to CTV News, the previous regulations wouldn't have made sense for people living in apartment buildings or condos.

"There are already a lot of people in these dwellings who are complaining about second-hand smoke from cannabis and therefore there are some condominiums that are going smoke-free completely," he said. Therefore, being able to smoke in a private residence wouldn't have been possible for some.

However, many Ontarians aren't happy with the new regulations. For non-smokers, having cigarette smoke surround them in public places is frustrating enough. Now people are saying they're not thrilled about having the same issue with marijuana smoke.

There's no doubt that second-hand cigarette smoke and second-hand marijuana smoke are two totally different things. One is potentially cancerous, while the other is potentially intoxicating.

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Ontarians on Twitter are pointing out that they're not looking forward to getting high off of someone else's joint. Other are baffled as to how, for so long, marijuana and alcohol were always compared. Now, it's being aligned with cigarettes.

As a part of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, smoking of any form will still not be allowed on outdoor patios, around common areas of hotels, around playgrounds, and many other public areas.

But, no matter which side of the argument you're on, it's happening. So, it's either time to rejoice or invest in a respirator mask.

Source:, CTV News, Twitter

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