It's beginning to look a lot like winter especially if you're in the prairies. Cold temperatures and snow are on their way for a frigid end of the weak. Prairie Weather For November Will Be More Like January.

According to The Weather Network, an arctic front will move through Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba at the end of the week and cause temperatures to plummet. So it'll feel more like January weather than November weather.

While cold weather isn't exactly a surprise for Canadians, having temperatures so low in November certainly isn't normal for this time of year. 

"We're looking at the coldest temperatures so far this fall season by the weekend as daytime highs stay about 15°C below normal. Factor in the wind chill and the warmest part of the day on Sunday will feel like the -20s," said meteorologist Tyler Hamilton. 

Daytime highs for the end of the week will definitely not be high. It's forecasted to be frigid across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with temperatures barely managing to reach single digits in the minuses. 

On November 10, Edmonton will see a daytime high of -19°C, Regina will be at -14°C and Winnipeg will only reach -11°C. Other cities hover around the minuses in the low teens as well.

And then there's windchill which could make it feel more like -20°C in some places. If you have to be outdoors it'll be best to wear layers and bundle up!

Plus, snow will move into Alberta late on November 8 and stick around the whole weekend. 

"This will be a significant wind and snow event for western and southern Alberta with system and upslope flow," said meteorologist Doug Gillham.

Between 10-15+ cm of snow is expected in Edmonton, with much higher totals west of the city and into the foothills and Rockies where as much as 30 cm could pile up.

As much as 30 centimetres could accumulate near the Rockies as west of Edmonton while the city could see more than 15 centimetres. 

Further south, Red Deer, Calgary and Lethbridge could get anywhere from two to 10 centimetres of snow.

Pretty much all of Canada will see a colder than normal November thanks to arctic air coming from Siberia. The airmass will go down to the Prairies and then spread east. 

Even though it's still fall and winter won't arrive for another month, Canadians are already experiencing winter weather like huge snowstorms and cold weather. 

Winter is definitely making itself known in Canada even though the first day of the season isn't until December 21. 

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