As with any politician, there are people who love and support Doug Ford and people who absolutely hate him. This time, it's the second group of people who are taking action. A province-wide "Stop Doug Ford" strike is set to happen across Ontario next week, all the way from Toronto up to Thunder Bay. 

According to the Facebook page for the protest, the purpose of the strike is to say that "things have gone too far." They continue, saying, "join us in letting the Ford Government know that we will not allow our province to be destroyed."

The protests are scheduled for Wednesday, May 1. Currently, there are events planned in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, and Stratford. 

The Toronto event is going to be held at Queen's Park, which is home to the Ontario Legislative Assembly and of course, as part of that, Doug Ford's government. 

Based on the Facebook event details for the Queen's Park protest, the strike will happen at noon on May 1. It's meant to model a worker's strike in that they encourage all Ontarians to stop any kind of work for one hour to send a message to Premier Doug Ford. 

According to the Facebook event, they say, "This event will tell the Ontario government that we, the people of Ontario, are willing to grind this province to a halt to make these ill-informed cuts stop."

They encourage people to stop working for an hour at noon and go gather with fellow Ontarians in solidarity. For Torontonians, this gathering would occur at Queen's Park. 

Some of the recent cuts and decisions that this strike will likely be protesting are the reductions in class sizes, which has resulted in several teachers being put on the surplus list, changes to autism funding, cuts to OSAP, the big re-design of Ontario license plates and driver's licenses, and the most recent proposed cut to OHIP for Canadian travellers. 

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