The majority of travellers entering Canada since March have not been required to quarantine, according to new data shared by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

A new report from CBC News has revealed that more than 80% of arrivals into Canada between March 31 and November 12 were exempt from the quarantine.

This means many visitors were not required to self-isolate for two weeks, upon their arrival in Canada.

The CBSA estimates that this works out to be around 5.3 million arrivals, although it's only a best-guess scenario.

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6.5 million

Total arrivals into Canada

The figures include repeat entries by the same individual.

It's an estimate, rather than an exact statistic because the federal government didn't begin fully tracking people exempt from quarantine rules until the end of July. 

The exemptions include those travelling for essential purposes, flight crew, emergency response workers and truck drivers, who often cross the border multiple times.

The total number of arrivals into Canada topped 6.5 million between March 31 and November 12, 2020.

Per the CBSA’s data, truck drivers alone accounted for almost 50% of this figure.

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