A tragedy has sparked the shut down of a popular energy drink in Quebec that has been a talk of concern for a while. The controversial drink boasts an alarming combination of caffeine and alcohol that is guaranteed to get you "FCKD UP," being the name of the drink itself.

Unfortunately, the spike in conversation over the drink comes after it fell into the wrong person's hands and resulted in a tragedy. 

It all started when a 14-year-old named Athena Gervais was found dead three days after being reported missing in a stream behind the school she attended in Laval, Quebec. After interviewing several students, it was uncovered that Gervais had apparently been drinking cans of "FCKD UP" that she stole with friends during their Monday lunch break.

Further questioning led to students claiming that when she returned from the break that she was visibly intoxicated and didn't attend the rest of class. 

In response a convenience store chain called Couche-Tard has taken the drink off their shelves completely, claiming it's been done as an act of responsibility on their part, considering that the drink was still 100% legal to sell in the provinces- up until today.

FCKD UP was sold in several flavours and contains not only alcohol but also stimulant guarana which is a plant that contains double the amount of caffeine as coffee beans. The reason it could be sold in Quebec's convenience stores is because the alcohol content is just under the 12% limit at 11.9%. 

With officials saying one can of the beverage equals four scotch-whiskey glasses or four vodka shots or even four glasses of wine, it's clear the drink is seriously dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands. Considering the marketing of the bottle itself, it's also clear the drink is definitely geared towards a younger and less experienced crowd considering the bright packaging and title of the drink itself, proving it's a serious concern. 

Though there is some good news, this morning proved some major advancements came about surrounding the drink as the entire province has banned the drink. As well the company behind it Geloso stopped the production of it. While there have been no advancements in banning the drink or placing heavier restrictions on it, it's clear that this tragedy will result in some new rules around the drink in specific at the least. 

Source: CTV News 

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