On Wednesday morning, the Quebec provincial government announced that they would be introducing a new exam for immigrants to the province, which would test their knowledge on the region’s “values.” A Reddit forum was created in response to this announcement, but things took the most Canadian turn ever when the discussion went from Quebec’s new immigration tests, to a great big debate about poutine.

In an announcement on Wednesday morning, it was confirmed that Quebec’s provincial government would be implementing an official test for new immigrants to the province, after the Coalition Avenir Quebec made it a key election promise in 2018.

From January 2020 onwards, immigrants wanting to settle in the region will be required to take a special test to enable them to apply for residency, which will assess their knowledge on “democratic values and Quebec values.”

In response to this announcement, one Reddit user posted the story onto the discussion website, possibly hoping for some informed debate on the subject. However, things quickly took a turn-for-the-Canadian in the comments thread, when the topic quickly shifted to poutine.

While it is not yet clear exactly what questions will be on Quebec’s new immigration test, Reddit users started the thread by offering some question suggestions of their own.

One person joked, “How do you properly pronounce 'poutine'?”

Another Canadian added, “Statistically does dumping the puck in the other team's zone help or hinder your offense?”

A third suggested the question, “Why do they call it a poutine? A- because it's a French food. B- Guy Poutine invented it. C- because you poutine the cheese then you poutine the gravy?”

However, it was not until one Reddit user proposed the question, “Are proper poutines made with cheese curds or grated cheese?,” that all hell broke loose.

Immediately, one infuriated Canadian responded, "What heathen would put grated cheese on a poutine?! Straight to jail."

While another horrified Canadian added, "I’ve never had a poutine out here that didn’t have cheese curds. There should be no reason any place in Canada sells poutine without cheese curds. Hell, even Walmart sells them."

Much to the horror of everyone else on the thread, another Reddit user said, “I went to this really rural takeout in Newfoundland one time, and they put a slice of processed cheese on some fries, covered it with gravy and called it a day. It was gross.”

Another replied, “Somewhere out there is a small populace thinking that is exactly how poutine should be made.”

It's a good job that Quebec's provincial government probably won't include the questions from this thread, otherwise, literally, nobody would be passing that test!

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