In recent weeks, the Syrian Democratic Forces have taken even more Canadians into custody around ISIS territory and it's forcing the RCMP to reiterate and rethink the statements that were made about ISIS members not returning to Canada. Now, the RCMP is starting to prepare for the return of at least a dozen Canadians who are now detained in Syria. These Canadians are suspected ISIS members and the RCMP is doing everything in their power to ensure that their return will be handled properly. 

Just last month, the Public Saftey Minister Ralph Goodale told CTV News that any foreign ISIS members who are currently detained would not be returning back to Canada. There was nothing that the Government was able to do about the situation since it was a "dangerous and dysfunctional part of the world."

Now, senior law enforcement officials from the RCMP are telling Global that the return of at least a dozen Canadian ISIS members is extremely possible and they are preparing for their arrival. The RCMP is working with local police forces and federal agencies in order to deal with the returnees.

Out of those Canadians that are currently in detention in Syria, one Canadian was seen promoting ISIS on social media and another is believed to have helped produce execution videos. Yet some of the other Canadians that are detained for their alleged ISIS involvement are only children.  

In preparation for these returns, the RCMP has since cancelled the Canadian passports of all those who are said to be part of ISIS and are wanting to return home. This means that when these Canadians return home to the border, they will be forced to get new passports from the diplomatic post which will directly alert the RCMP of their return. 

The RCMP have also reached out to Turkey to prepare for these arrivals. Since the Canadian members of ISIS have been detained in Syria, they are likely to cross into Turkey before flying home. The RCMP is asking Turkish authorities to allow these members to return back home without being put on trial in Turkish courts. 

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They are also asking the Turkish government to avoid searching the Canadians electronic devices and to not ask questions about their involvement in ISIS, as the RCMP feels that this may taint the evidence that they need when the Canadians evenutally return home. 

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The RCMP is also attempting to have charges ready when these alleged ISIS members step back into Canada, yet this process has not yet been completed. Deputy Commissioner, Gilles Michaud told Global, "some of these folks may come back and we may not have enough to charge them, or it may not be they need to charge them either, but they will require some social services." 

If some of these Canadians are not charged, which RCMP states may happen since some of those in confinement are children, they will require social services. These social services may include mentoring, employment programs, religious counselling, trauma counselling, and social housing. 

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While it is not clear what has changed since the Public Saftey Minister stated no arrivals of these Canadians were to be expected, Global hints that the United States has been encouraging countries to prosecute their own captured ISIS members. 

Source: Global News

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