A new settlement of a class-action lawsuit has just been reached. This conclusion will allow around 1,500 Canadians to be eligible for settlements as high as $100 million now that RCMP is settling the class-action harassment lawsuit. 

According to CBC, women who experienced gender or sexual harassment while working or volunteering for the RCMP may be eligible for compensation under a class-action lawsuit against the police force. 

On Monday, July 8, 2019, Angela Bespflug, a Vancouver-based lawyer, said that 1,500 people may be eligible for settlements that could total as much as $100 million. Of course, this would depend on how many claims were received. 

In an email statement obtained by CBC, it said that women who experienced gender or sexual-orientation based harassment or discrimination working or volunteering for the RCMP on or after September 16, 1974, may be eligible for compensation. 

Compensation for proven claims over the 45-year period would range from $10,000 to $222,000 each with no cap. 

Bespflug said in a statement that no amount of money would be able to compensate the women who experienced harm. She also noted that this settlement would help give their experiences a voice. 

According to Global, the allegations range from sexual comments to rape. In some of the cases, women recounted that many people witnessed the sexually explicit actions. 

Cheryl Tiller, who worked for the force as a stenographer in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, was the lead plaintiff in this lawsuit. She has stated that she was harassed at a retirement party for an RCMP corporal in 2007. 

Tiller recounted that at the party she had gone to shake the hand of the retiring corporal when another officer, a sergeant, put his hand in between her legs at the knee. He then moved his hand up along her crotch towards her butt before flicking her jacket. 

Tiller said that everyone saw the humiliating encounter. Later, she realized she was not the only one who had similar allegations of sexual harassment against the RCMP. 

This $100 million settlement comes just three years after another sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against the RCMP. This first settlement in 2016 was also for $100 million. Bespflug successfully settled both these cases. 

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