When handing out speeding tickets, the RCMP probably hear lots of crazy excuses. However, one Canadian driver may have just topped this list of crazy excuses after telling local RCMP that the reason for speeding was too many hot wings and that they needed to use the washroom. The teen was charged and fined for going 70 km/h over the speed limit. 

On Thursday, the 16-year-old teen was spotted by Manitoba RCMP going 170km/h in a 100 km/h zone in a Camaro. When police pulled the driver over, the excuse that was given for their speeding was that they ate "too many hot wings and needed a bathroom". 

Despite how desperate the driver's bathroom emergency may have been, the RCMP were not willing to let that excuse slide and charged the driver with a $966 speeding ticket, states Global News. Yet, since the driver was only 16-years-old, they were also expected to be driving with a supervisor, something that this driver did not have. Therefore, on top of the speeding ticket, the RCMP also gave the driver a $203 ticket for failure to drive with a supervising driver.   

In a tweet that was released by the Manitoba RCMP about this incident, they remind all drivers that there is no excuse that will warrant speeding. 

However, this speeding excuse is only one of the many crazy ones that RCMP have to deal with on the daily. Earlier this month RCMP in Coquitlam pulled over a vehicle that was doing 117 km/hr in a 60 km/h zone, which was almost double the legal speed limit. 

When officers approached the vehicle they were quick to learn that the driver was speeding because they were rushing home to watch the newest episode of Game and Thrones and didn't want to miss it. However, the drivers speeding ended up giving them a bit more to worry about then the newest episode of the final season. 

In January, Manitoba RCMP also dealt with another crazy excuse for speeding after a driver was caught speeding at 145km/h. 

The driver told police that Kickstart my Heart by Mötley Crüe was playing on the radio, which gave the driver a lead foot. What's even funnier about this excuse? Is that the officer who pulled this driver over knew he wasn't lying because he was listening to the same song.  

However, no matter how crazy your excuse is, you likely won't get away with it. RCMP state that no excuses will ever get a driver out of a fine. 

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