For a while now, conventional wisdom has been that red meat is detrimental to your health. Groups like the Canadian Cancer Society had previously claimed that red meat and cancer were invariably linked. Now, however, new research conducted in seven countries (including Canada) has shown just the opposite.

The research, which was published in Annals Of Internal Medicine, shows that lowering red meat consumption (along with consumption of processed meats, as well) has no impact on lowering the risk of developing certain cancers. In an editorial portion of the study, researchers wrote, "The overall recommendations, contrary to almost all others that exist, suggested that adults continue to eat their current levels of red and processed meat unless they felt inclined to change them themselves."

In one of the studies published through the massive research project, it was found that diets low in red meat had "little to no effect" on the likelihood of "colorectal, pancreatic, esophageal, and stomach cancer in women."

When examining previous studies on the link between red meat and cancer, the research showed that "none of the trials reported on a combination of fatal and nonfatal myocardial infarction, fatal infarction, nonfatal coronary heart disease, prostate cancer, and satisfaction with diet."

Of course, while these studies might put some people's minds at ease, the Canadian Cancer Society also defended their position.

In a statement to Global News, the organization cited a May 2019 study that supported their statements, writing, "The study showed that if Canadians reduce our consumption of red or processed meat by half a servicing per week, we could prevent about 8,700 or 16, 600 cancer cases, respectively by 2042."

The study cited by the Canadian Cancer Society was published in the May 2019 issue of Preventative Medicine. In their results, the researchers wrote, "In Canada, there is currently a sizeable cancer burden attributable to the consumption of red and processed meat."

With these competing studies, it might be hard for Canadians to know exactly what to do when it comes to consuming red and processed meats. Essentially, like all things, moderation is key. Just don't be afraid to enjoy the occasional ribeye!

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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