Pet Therapy is one of the latest trends that people can't seem to get enough of and I can totally see why. Who wouldn't want to roll around with cute furry little animals after a stressful day of trying to keep your shit together without completely losing your shit at the same time? Life's tough, I tell yah.

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That's why a small town in Saskatchewan has decided to take the benefits of Pet Therapy to the next level with a team of goats who do yoga. Yes, you heard that right. Grotto Gardens in Maple Creek will be spending the next couple months teaching their goats how to namaste on top of you while you're hanging out in downward dog.

If that's not true Saskatchewan living, then I don't know what is. It's all the more reason to check Maple Creek off your "Super Cute Saskatchewan Towns To Roadtrip To This Summer" this June for when the goat yoga classes officially begin.

Take a look at what you might be able to expect:

via @azgoatyoga


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