Legalizing cannabis in Canada hasn't been an easy task, it's been a process plagued with technicalities and delays on the official date that the drug will finally be legal for Canadians to enjoy (legally that is). 

Though it seems over in Saskatchewan they are making some serious moves when it comes to the process of legalization considering they just announced their province's minimum age to partake. While ages like 23 and 25 were initially on the table, they decided to go for something lower. 

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The province actually ended up setting it to 19, the same year everyone in Saskatchewan can legally drink. The move was made because they were afraid that if they chose any age older that "it would make it easier for the black market to be established at the lower ages." 

With the age restriction in mind, you're banned from having any marijuana in your possession unless you are 19 or older. Though if you do get caught by police and have less than five grams on you, it won't result in a criminal record though you would get a fine and your pot taken away. 

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Along with the age restriction Saskatchewan is attempting to push a zero-tolerance policy on impaired driving as a result of legal weed as well as banning any operations attempting to sell marijuana near school and daycares. They essentially want to treat marijuana just like liquor, do you think it's a good plan or they should be taking a different route? 

Source: HuffPost Canada

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