For Remembrance Day in Canada, Justin Trudeau delivered his remarks and compared COVID-19 to a battle.

In a video posted on social media, the prime minister spoke about past conflicts, the sacrifices made by Canada's military and what we're going through today.

"We honour the brave Canadians in uniform who serve and defend our country both today and throughout history," he said.

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We walk in their footsteps as we tackle the challenges of today — a new and different type of battle in the form of COVID-19.

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau also honoured Canadians who served in WWII.

"From coast to coast to coast, our country mobilized not only to defeat the forces of fascism, authoritarianism and oppression but to build a better world," he said.

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of that conflict which the Royal Canadian Mint commemorated with a special colourful toonie.

Trudeau also noted that members of the Canadian Armed Forces put their own lives at risk this year to care for the country's vulnerable people.

Less than a week before this, Whole Foods faced backlash because employees weren't allowed to wear poppies.

After politicians like Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and Doug Ford called the grocery chain out, that rule was changed.

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