On Tuesday, a Ring Doorbell recall in Canada was issued because they could catch on fire if installed incorrectly.

Health Canada is recalling the second generation of the Ring Video Doorbell and 8,700 units of these affected products were sold here.

If the wrong screws are used during installation, then the battery can overheat and that poses both fire and burn hazards.

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units of the affected product sold in Canada

This recall is specifically for the second-generation Ring Video Doorbell with the model number 5UM5E5 that comes with a blue ring at the front in either black and silver or black and bronze.

Both security and wood screws come with this product for installation but if the wood ones are used, the battery can be damaged.

That could lead to it overheating and then either catching on fire or causing burns.

As of November 5, there has been one reported incident in Canada but no reports of people being injured.

All of the affected products were sold between June and October of this year.  

If you have one of these doorbells, you can figure out if yours is included in this recall by entering the serial number on their website.

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