It's that time of year again: Roll Up The Rim is back, and this year it's a little bit different. Rather than having to face the dreaded "Please play again," customers can enter a draw for cash prizes. However, the odds of winning anything while rolling up a paper cup are actually worse in 2020.

This year there are only 10 vehicle prizes, as opposed to 40 in 2019. Canadians now only have a 1 in 16,373,904 chance of winning one, whereas the odds in 2019 were a bit better at 1 in 6,630,705.

Even the mood-lifting food prizes will be slightly more scarce this year. Odds of winning a coffee or a baked good have dropped to 1 in 9 instead of 1 in 6.

The lower odds are offset by the number of possible prizes this year.

In 2019, there were only five different things for people to win. Customers playing in 2020 have the opportunity to win one of seven unique prizes, including Air Miles, televisions, and prepaid CIBC cards.

According to the official rules and regulations of this year's competition, there will be a minimum of 81,869,520 cups distributed across the country. Ontario will have the highest number of playable cups at over 41 million.

That's far fewer than last year's 260,027,640 cups. However, the number is likely lower for 2020 due to the new online component and digital rolls. 

The online component is necessary for overcoming the deep sadness caused by "please play again" tabs.

By using a Tims Rewards card and the company's app, customers can be entered into draws for $100,000, rather than just straight-up losing.

Not everything will be harder to win this year. One prize with better odds than last year is the Tim Card.

While it's only $25 in 2020 as opposed to $50 in 2019, your odds of winning one have gone up from 1 in 5,305 last year to 1 in 3,275.

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