The most wonderful time of the year is almost here. Roll Up The Rim is officially coming back to Tim Hortons next week! The classic Tim Hortons contest will start this year on Wednesday, February 6th. 

That means that the countdown is on, and we mean that literally. On the official Roll Up The Rim website there is actually a countdown timer that is counting down even the number of seconds until roll up the rim starts. As of right now, the countdown sits around four days and 15 hours until the contest officially starts. 

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In a press release this morning, Tim Hortons also unveiled the prizes for this year and they are brand new and better than ever. There are, of course, going to be the usual food prizes, Tims cards, and most likely the pre-paid cards with thousands of dollars on them but this year it's all about the car. 

For the first time ever, Tim Hortons has partnered with Jeep to give away 40 Jeep Compass SUVs as part of their Roll Up The Rim contest. This replaces 50 Honda Civics that were up for grabs last year. 

While we may have to wait until February 6th to actually win one of these prizes, now is a good time to start learning some of the strategies and theories behind Roll Up The Rim. After years, of playing, Canadians have a few. 

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One of the biggest strategies that people have come up with in the past is to buy large coffees since they think Tims would put the biggest prizes on their more expensive cups. Of course, Tim Hortons hasn't confirmed this, simply saying that 1 in 6 cups will have a prize on it, regardless of size. 

 There are also some Canadians who have tried this strategy and not had any success with it. Fortunately, that's not the only strategy out there. 

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Unfortunately, there are also a number of people online who say they have a strategy that they swear by, but they're keeping it all to themselves. 

At the end of the day, it's hard to determine if there is actually a winning strategy for Roll Up The Rim or if it's all luck of the cup. The only thing that's confirmed is that its a super successful marketing strategy for Tims and has been for years. 

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