Ever since Donald Trump took over the role of the US president, Americans have been very vocal on the fact that they want Justin Trudeau to take over their country. I mean, do we blame them? 

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Rolling Stone Magazine put Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on their 50th anniversary cover, and us Canadians are super proud. However, the magazine actually just said out loud what every American is thinking and put the words "Why can't he be our president?" on the cover. Eek. 

In the interview, it's pretty clear that Trudeau has no time for questions about Trump. Well, he himself didn't swat away those questions, his mom actually did. Cute. 

This interview took place in the Parliament Buildings, and the interviewer keeps mentioning how much Justin Trudeau's mannerisms reminds him of Barack Obama. It's safe to say we all miss him. 

While Justin Trudeau answers questions about the wellbeing and the future of Canada, his statement on Donald Trump seems mature and well, what we're all thinking but in the nicest way possible. So Canadian. 

"Obviously, I disagree [with Trump] on a whole bunch, but Canadians expect me to accomplish two things at the same time, which is emphasize where we disagree and stand up firmly for Canadian interests," says Trudeau, loosening his jacketless tie. "But we also have a constructive working relationship, and me going out of my way to insult the guy or overreact or jump at everything he says [that] we might disagree with is not having a constructive relationship." 

It's evident in the article that Canada is made out to seem like the escape land from the US at this point. And Justin Trudeau seems ready to take it all on, while still taking time to be an actual human. And even though Rolling Stone magazine didn't actually ask him to be the US president, we all know everyone is thinking it. And us Canadians? We're just happy he's ours for now. 

You can read the Rolling Stone article here. 

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