Canadians travelled from far and wide to Oro Medonte, Ontario last night, to watch The Rolling Stones' Burl's Creek concert. There the band performed their only show in Canada, for what could be the last time ever. Considering Mick Jagger’s recent poor health, it was a miracle for many that he was even able to perform at all. Nonetheless, Jagger put on a magnificent show for the crowds and even managed to slip in a number of Canadian jokes.

Jagger gave an iconic performance as expected and even made sure to give the Raptors a nod during his performance, shouting "What about those Raptors?" as the "We the North" logo flashed overhead.

Jagger also poked fun at Ontario Premier Doug Ford, by mentioning the “buck a beer” policy. He also wished the crowd of approximately 70,000 Canadians a “Happy Canada Day,” which went down really well with the fans of the rock star.

As this was the only Canadian stop for the Stones on their North America tour, Canadians travelled from across the country to make the show. As expected, there were tens of thousands of people in attendance, but according to reports from concert-goers, the traffic and parking situation at the event was anything but organized.

As 'Burl’s Creek' was trending on Saturday night and Sunday morning on Twitter, disappointed fans took to social media to express their frustration with the parking and traffic organization at the venue in Ontario. According to some Twitter reports, it took concert-goers up to four hours to leave the grounds.

One Twitter user said she had been waiting for several hours to get out of the car park after the event, not being able to leave the venue until after 4 AM.

It didn't take people on the internet long to come up with some pretty hilarious jokes and memes to describe the situation at the Burl's Creek venue. One user comically wrote, "This parking lot does not have the moves like Jagger."

Despite the humour, some fans couldn't see the funny side, saying that the terrible parking organisation had somewhat marred their experiences, some even threatened with law suits. One Stones fan tweeted "So excited to see the most amazing band so close to home! 45 min drive; no traffic took 4 hours 15 mins to get the F*#% out of the parking lot. 4:30am....Thanks [Burl's Creek] for ruining an amazing day."

The parking and traffic situation seems to have left a very bitter taste in the mouths of those who attended the concert last night. As it could have been the last chance for many people to see Jagger and the Stones live, it is no surprise that many Canadians are furious at the alleged poor organization from the venue.

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