It must be great to be a member of the royal family. You’re basically born being set for the rest of your life and you don’t need to worry about money. For instance, Queen Elizabeth II  is estimated to be worth $500 million dollars (£383 million) and that doesn't account for the hidden offshore accounts that are lurking off the books

But if it's one thing the hard working 92-year-old monarch can just get excited about, it's the nice pay raise for the job she’s doing.

And holy cow does she make a lot of money for someone who’s best known for wearing large and colourful hats. 

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In case you weren't aware, yes the head of the monarchy actually gets paid a salary as part of what is called a Sovereign Grant, which comes from the government of the UK.

Last year the Queen made whopping $116.5 million CAD. But that was 2017, this year the Queen will be getting even more than that.

In the coming year she will receive nearly $125.6 million CAD. Yes, that’s apparently how much it pays to be the head of the royal family. Think of all the fancy hats you can get with that.  

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Now the Queen doesn’t just get to throw the money into a vault and roll around in it, she does actually spend it.

Quite a bit of it goes to the maintenance of Buckingham Palace, as well as paying the staff’s salaries as well, like you can see in the chart below. 

Via The Royal Family

In case you’re wondering the Queen has been the reigning monarch since 1952, which means she's been collecting an annual salary like this one for 66 years. 

So, it really does turn out to be pretty great to be the head of the royal family.  


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