The World Cup has descended on Russia, meaning players, staff, and fans from around the world will be arriving in the country. One politician in Russia has issued a really bizarre warning to women there. 

Tamara Pletnyova is a Russian politician in charge of the family matters committee. She told a Moscow radio station that women shouldn't sleep with foreign men who are there for the World Cup.

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A government telling people who they can and can't sleep with is bad enough, but Pletnyova didn't stop there. She also added that instead of having sex with foreigners, women should marry Russian men and have their babies and raise a family with them. 

The final nail in the coffin was Pletnyova saying that if women feel they must have sex with a foreigner to at least choose someone who is the same race as them. The whole situation is super cringy, not just in telling women who they should be sleeping with, but also the pretty clear racism in her comments.

Pletnyova did try to explain her reasoning by saying that the children suffer when they are abandoned by their fathers and left to be raised by single moms. But again this implies a lot and makes it pretty clear what Pletnyova thinks of non-Russian people. 

She also attempted to defend herself saying she wasn't a nationalist, meaning someone who supports far-right, Russia first views. But nonetheless, she stood by what she said. 

This isn't the first time Russia has found itself in trouble surrounding international games. The 2014 Sochi Olympics were boycotted by many people due to Russia's treatment of the LGBTQ community and most recently Russia wasn't even allowed to compete at the 2018 Olympics. 

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