If you didn't already get the very important memo, it's Ryan Reynolds' and Emilia Clarke's birthday today. Unfortunately, for the Game of Thrones star, Reynolds doesn't like to share.

In typical Ryan Reynolds-fashion, he took to Twitter to troll his birthday rival, declaring that it's his day and not hers.

Clarke hasn't tweeted anything since 2013, so it's probably safe to assume she'll be taking the high road and not responding to his antics.

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Canada's official Twitter account, however, made sure to wish him a happy birthday to which he responded almost right away.

"We just wanted to pop into your feed and wish you a happy birthday on behalf of Canadians far and wide! Thanks for being you, eh?," Canada tweeted.

After all, he is a national treasure.

Reynolds adorably responded just one minute later with two heart emojis and one Canadian flag emoji.

Happy 44th birthday, Ryan!

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