In the age of technology, it seems that political parties will do anything possible to get their message out to voters. The latest tactic is apparently having someone called "Sarah from the Conservative Party" mass-text Canadian citizens to find out if they are going to vote for the Conservatives in the upcoming federal election. 

Based on social media reports, countless people in Canada seem to be getting the same mass text message. The message reads: "Hi, it’s Sarah from the Conservative Party. Can the Conservative Party count on your support in the next federal election? Reply: Yes No."

The messages seem to come from a variety of different numbers, many of which have Ottawa area codes. According to one recent editorial about Sarah, the numbers include 613-963-1427, 613-963-0747, 613-845-0517, 613-845-0214, and 613-963-9645. Others on social media have reported getting the texts from other area codes across the country. 

Of course, this message has sparked a lot of confusion with many people wondering who the heck Sarah is and how exactly she got their numbers. While it's unclear how exactly this likely automated-system gets its contact list, it has certainly resulted in some hilarious social media reaction. 

Aside from the typical tweets wondering who Sarah is there are also a number of people feeling sorry for Sarah and even falling in love with her. 

This isn't the first time random mass-texts have been sent out. Just last week, Ontarians found their phones blowing up with texts from "Sue from Ontario Strong" asking whether people agreed with the Liberal's environmental policies. Unfortunately, these two rounds of mass texts likely won't be the last either. 

While some people are angered by the mass-texts, there is unfortunately not much you can do about it. Under Canadian anti-spam laws, recipients must subscribe to commercial messages, but since messages from political parties aren't commercial they aren't regulated at all. 

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