You might expect to hear the words funnel cake tossed around when talking about Labour Day. However, 'funnel cloud' was the more popular word for those in Saskatchewan this Monday as parts of southern Saskatchewan saw funnel clouds appear in two separate locations near Regina.

Just as the long weekend was ending yesterday, two funnel clouds were spotted in southern Saskatchewan, one just north of Regina and the other one southwest of the city. 

"There were two funnel clouds that were reported yesterday and we did have confirmation that one touched down," Terri Lang, a meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, told Narcity.

At around 7:30 p.m. local time, Environment and Climate Change Canada received reports of a funnel cloud between Hume and Griffen. 

Lang went on to comfirm that it was, in fact, a tornado that touched down in a field but there has been no damage reported.

According to The Weather Network, the conditions were perfect for severe thunderstorms yesterday and a system led to tornado warnings being issued across multiple rural municipalities in southern Saskatchewan.

The other funnel cloud was seen near Lumsden at around 5:30 p.m. yesterday.

"That [the funnel cloud] was seen by a lot of people because it was visible from the main highway between Saskatoon and Regina," said Lang.

People took the social media when they saw the funnel clouds in the sky and were able to capture so pretty scary photos of the phenomenon. 

The funnel cloud that touched down between Hume and Griffen is being reported by Environment and Climate Change Canada as being an EF0 tornado with estimated wind speeds from 105 to 137 km/h. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada is still investigating if the funnel cloud near Lumsden actually touched down or not.

"It was photographed quite a lot. Often we get these photographs and they're taken at a distance and if you can't see a debris cloud coming up from the bottom or see it connected you can't confirm it," said Lang. 

If you have information and/or pictures about that funnel cloud, you can find out where to send it here

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