In a weird turn of events, the Saskatchewan Safety Council ended up becoming the focus of plenty of confusion on social media last week after their page posted an incredibly bizarre video aiming to teach their followers about … well … nobody really knows. At the time of writing, the strange, 2-minute video had been viewed more than 250,000 times on Twitter, with literally nobody in the replies understanding the message the video was trying to portray. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, this video is weird. Imagine asking your two most-awkward friends if you could record them for a school project. It's 2012. You’re filming on an iPhone 5. Your friends hate this. They don’t want to be in your video. They’re not actors. You can’t get the lighting quite right. You can’t get the sound quality quite right. You’re not sure how to fill the required two whole minutes of content. Your friends are still not actors. This is that video.

The strange video has been posted by the Saskatchewan Safety Council Twitter pretty regularly for a number of weeks, with it usually failing to garner much attention at all. However, last week something happened. It is not clear when, or why, or how, but it went viral. And, like many things when they go viral, it got absolutely destroyed by Canadians.  

The video is, for the most part, a couple doing the same things in front of a variety of different backgrounds. After a long minute and a half of this, the couple ends up standing in front of their car. The man reaches into his pocket, pulls out a box, gets down on one knee, and then...well that’s the end. Text then comes onto the screen, to say, “A pre-trip vehicle inspection would have saved this moment.”

If that wasn’t vague enough, the council captioned the post (with such blind optimism that the internet would try to make an effort to understand the video) “Everything was going just right until …”

… until WHAT?!

Despite having almost a quarter of a million views, the video was only liked 35 times, which gives you somewhat of an idea of how dreadful it is. However, it did have replies. Lots of them.

One Twitter user wrote, “This is a bad video and you should feel bad. Like, really, really, really, bad. What the hell even happens at the end?! Why is this video 2 minutes long? Why did I watch the whole thing?!?”

While another asked the rude, but valid, question, “What the fuck is this?”

Across the board, Twitter users were pretty perplexed by the post, causing the Saskatchewan Safety Council to have to respond. However, the safety council's attempts are directing users to an explanation flopped, as people were quick to quip some more jokes about the video.

One smart Canadian seems to be one of the only people who was able to find the meaning to the video stating, "I believe the meaning of the ending is that the vehicle's lights went out at an inopportune moment." 

The craziest part is that this Twitter page has some other really weird videos, that the internet seems yet to discover. As it turns out, the blackout-proposal video isn’t the only clip that might leave you scratching your head.

In particular, their video of an old couple with a pair of young women living in their wardrobe should leave you wanting to ask more questions.

Whatever the intention, the video obviously didn’t go down as well as the safety council would have liked. However, as the age-old saying goes, all press is good press, right? 

However, despite the confusion, the video has gained the tons of attention that will hopefully help them in continuing to succeed in the prevention of injury in Saskatchewan, something that the company has been successfully doing since 1955. 

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