A woman in Saskatchewan was attacked by a group of young boys this week while visiting a playground with her 10-year-old daughter. Local police have now launched a formal investigation into the incident after the video of the Saskatoon woman attacked on the playground was obtained and shared by CTV News. In the video, the woman is beaten to the ground by four young boys on a playground at Pleasant Hill Park.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes violent video and excessive violence. 

The woman in the video has been identified as Bonnie Halcrow. In the video, the kids can be heard laughing as Halcrow attempts to protect herself. Eventually, she manages to pick herself up and walk away.

"Those kids were still yelling and screaming, while we were leaving the park," Halcrow said to CTV News. She claims that she had never met the boys before and that it was the first time she and her daughter had been to the park.

According to Halcrow, she initially confronted the boys, who were harassing a man pushing a fridge on a trolley through the area. The boys realized that she had been recording their actions on her phone, and decided to attack her.

"I have PTSD so when you've been attacked, you have that fight-or-flight instinct, and you have two choices," Halcrow explained. Halcrow reportedly walked away from the attack with only minor injuries - a few scrapes and bruises located mostly on her back. 

"And I chose to fight. I could have ran but I don't think my daughter could outrun them. She was screaming and crying, and she was so scared for her mom -- and I didn't shed a tear because I wanted to be strong for her,” she continued.

The video was captured by a man who later informed the police that he was at Pleasant Hill Park reading a book on Monday evening when the incident occurred. According to CTV, the man said that he had seen the same group of boys throwing rocks at people walking by.

 “I intervened, I was like, ‘Stop, that’s not a nice thing to do’ and this kid said, ‘You’re not my dad’,” the man explained.

“They stopped and I went and sat down but I didn’t realize one of the ladies nearby had recorded it on her phone,” he said. “A few minutes later, they went to this lady and started beating her up." The man says he approached Halcrow and informed her that he captured the whole incident on video. 

According to Criminal Defense Lawyer, minors can be charged with simple assault, a misdemeanour charge that can result in several different punishments, including jail time (in juvenile hall), probation and community service.

Halcrow has specified that she isn’t sure if she will press charges against the boys.

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