Better watch out if you're going beaver-watching in Saskatchewan. 

A video posted by the Weather Network shows a beaver slapping its mighty tail into the water. 

The beaver's tail is so powerful that it creates a massive splash in the water that we didn't know could come from such a little creature. 

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The video was taken on October 2, 2020, according to the time stamp. It took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

You can hear some men chattering in the background as the beaver is seen peacefully floating in the water at the beginning. Then suddenly it slaps its tail hard on the water and disappears below the surface. 

According to CBC News, it's this time of the year when beavers in Saskatoon start to slowly move away from the riverbank and begin approaching the trees inland. 

Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation says that beavers often strike their tails like that if they're frightened or disturbed; it's usually an "alarm to others." 

On top of that, these tails are used by the beavers as a rudder for swimming or as a form of support when they're climbing up trees. 

Based on the video, we think it's best to just give them plenty of room. 

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