A Saskatchewan man has landed a pretty famous pen-pal! Hollywood actor Tom Hanks wrote to a Saskatoon repairman last month, and their exchange is so wholesome. In fact, it appears the two have an unusual passion in common.

It’s probably not every day that a Saskatoon typewriter enthusiast rubs shoulders with an Oscar-winning actor.

However, one expert in the field received a surprising message on August 25, and it came from Tom Hanks himself.

It appears Thom Cholowski, a typewriter repair expert, and Hanks have a keen passion in common — typewriters!

"What a privilege it is to type a letter to western Canada's premier typewriter repairman," reads the note, reported CTV News.

"I know the next time or the first time I'm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan I'll be darkening your door if only to smell the lubricant of a well-refurbished machine, no matter what the language, braille or Native-Canadian Cree," the A-lister wrote.

The actor sent his typed-up message in response to a letter from Cholowski, who’d thanked Hanks for advocating for typewriters and having a “positive impact” on his life.

The reply, the repairman explained, "reaffirmed my belief he's just a stand-up guy."

Cholowski explained that the special message from Hanks also came with the offer of a gift!

As part of his correspondence, Hanks actually offered Cholowski a special typewriter from his own personal collection.

It’s a gift that won’t be going anywhere, the Saskatoon man confirmed.

"It will certainly be deeply appreciated and treasured, certainly not for sale," he said.

Not only have Hank’s kind words made Cholowski the happiest typewriter enthusiast ever, but they’ve also inspired him to pursue his passion on a day-to-day basis.

"This has been the motivation that I needed to make the jump to do this full-time," he said.

"Who would have thought a little piece of paper could change somebody's life, right?"


It seems the Cast Away actor just can’t stop doing good in Canada.

Back in July, he was part of a social distancing campaign for the LCBO, encouraging Canadians to stay safe and six feet apart.

What a good guy, eh?


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