You’re probably more than likely aware at this point at the current ongoing spat between Canada and Saudi Arabia because Canada’s foreign minister called out the kingdom on its human rights record.

The Saudis responded with a number of measures against Canada, including cancelling flights, freezing all new trade with Canada and telling all Saudi students studying here that they had to leave Canada.

Well now the kingdom is backing down on one of those a little. 

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Now Saudi Arabia will allow just over 1,000 students to stay in Canada to finish up their degrees.

All of the students allowed to stay are currently studying some kind of medical degree in Canada, Saudis who are studying something else still have to get out of Canada by Sept. 22, according to the kingdom.

Originally the deadline was Aug. 31, but it was moved back last week. 

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The news that over 1,000 Saudi medical students are staying is good news for the hospitals that rely on the students to complete their training in them.

Had they been forced to leave the hospitals could experience issues with filling all the staff positions they have. 

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For decades Saudi Arabia has paid lots of money so that its students can train in Canadian hospitals.

Some medical students have already left the country though and it’s unclear if they will be coming back. 

Source: Globe and Mail

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