As you’ve likely heard Canada and Saudi Arabia’s relationship has hit a significant bump recently after Canada called out the country on its human rights record.

Since then the Saudis have gone on the attack against Canada with several measures, including pulling all its students from Canadian universities and colleges.

According to research released by the National Post, the country has been reporting on their government-owned news outlets that Canada lacks attention to homelessness and oppresses women despite the fact Saudi women arguably have less freedom in Saudi Arabia than Canada. 

In Canada women have every opportunity to seek employment, abortions, plan their family and express their gender identity however they see fit to do so.

Manitoba was the first province to give women the right to vote back in 1916.

Women in Saudi Arabia face a very different reality than Canadian women.  Last year was the first time in the kingdom that women were fully allowed to run as candidates and to vote. 

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Saudi Arabia is ruled by a monarchy which uses a stricter interpretation of Islam to guide its laws.

Women are considered to be under the guardianship of men in the country.

Women need permission to get married, advance their education and even to travel out of the kingdom. 

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In court testimonies given by a woman, only counts for half of what a man says. 

Women in the country who are not heterosexual also face the death penalty as the kingdom has outlawed homosexuality.  

Canada has not retaliated against any of the things Saudi Arabia has said at this time. 


Source: National Post, Business Insider

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