Sometimes, it almost feels like politicians would be better off without Twitter all together. If it isn’t Andrew Scheer sharing strange photos of himself lurking in bushes, or the Conservative Party page getting involved in anti-gay-marriage drama, it is Justin Trudeau posting pictures of himself using single-use plastics. With the federal election nearing every day, you’d think Canada’s leading politicians would be on their best behaviour online.

Unfortunately, Andrew Scheer’s most recent tweets about a British child-killer coming to live in Canada have now also backfired, after the U.K. Government categorically confirmed that this is completely untrue, making Scheer look silly on Twitter once again.

The Conservative Party leader first posted about the British murderer on Monday, writing that, “this pedophile child killer might come to Canada.” In the post, Scheer shared an article from provocative British tabloid, The Daily Mail, which suggested that infamous child-murderer Jon Venables could be moving to Canada after being released from prison in the U.K.

Scheer went on to say, “As Prime Minister I won’t let him come here. Where does Trudeau stand?” Adding, “Our country should not be a dumping ground for murderers, terrorists, and perverts.”

Scheer’s post caused widespread controversy almost immediately, with online critics accusing him of ‘fear-mongering’ and sharing an article from an obviously questionable source. Others criticized him of doing literally anything to take a dig at Trudeau, regardless of whether or not what he says is truthful or accurate. 

To make things worse for Scheer, the British Justice Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that the story is actually completely false, and there was never any intention to send Venables to Canada. In an emailed statement to The Canadian Press, U.K. Ministry of Justice spokesperson Richard Mellor confirmed, “This story is categorically untrue.”

As further confirmation that this story was indeed ‘fake news,’ Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada also added that some people are “inadmissible” to the country under Canada’s immigration law, particularly if they have a criminal record or could pose a risk to Canada’s security. Meaning that even if Venables was headed towards Canada, he would probably struggle to get though immigration.

As election day is drawing closer, and Canadians are deciding who they will vote for in October, Scheer could be in trouble with his most recent tweets. With the emergence of Trudeau's SNC-Lavalin final report, and Scheer's anti-gay marriage vido that recently circulated, this election has certainly not been without its controversies.

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