Anyone hoping to see the sights from Squamish B.C.'s Sea to Sky Gondola was in for a nasty surprise on the morning of Aug. 10. During the night, the gondola cars fell to the ground after the cable was cut. While the event was initially treated as an accident, the RCMP is now investigating and believes someone intentionally sabotaged the cable.

"We believe the cables were cut and this was a deliberate act of vandalism," Inspector Kara Triance told CBC News. "At this time, it's a crime scene."

At the time of the collapse, several hikers and campers were in the area and reported hearing a loud crash and metal scraping. Luckily, the RCMP has reported no injuries, but they are warning people to stay clear of the area during the investigation. Maintenance had just been performed on the line, which is roughly 55 millimetres in diameter.  

The act of vandalism resulted in $1 million in property damage. Triance told CBC that the RCMP is working with WorkSafeBC and Technical Safety BC to figure out how someone could have carried this out.

People over on Reddit have already come up with theories on why someone would do this. Some believe that it was a local who hates tourists.

Others think it might have been a disgruntled employee, or maybe something more sinister.

There were also suggestions that this was simply an act of vandalism by ecoterrorists.

Overall, people were mostly relieved that this happened during off hours and no one was hurt.

The Squamish RCMP are currently looking for witnesses and asking anyone with any information to come forward. 

In an email to Narcity, a representative of the RCMP said, "While the investigation is still in its infancy, we are pursuing a number of investigative avenues which include following up on tips, evaluating the physical evidence and reviewing the digital evidence and working alongside other key agencies assisting us in this technical investigation. We continue to look to the public for tips and encourage anyone with information to come forward."

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