It's been big news for about a week or so now that Sear has officially gone bankrupt. The Canadian big box department store, which has been a national treasure since 1952,  had been in financial trouble for the better half of the year. However, they've finally reported that their next steps will be closing their doors indefinitely. The news of their closure has definitely been met with sadness among Canadian shoppers both young and old.

Following the news of the department store's end is the announcement that the retailer will start a MASSIVE liquidation sale across its 130 remaining locations. The sales are predicted to last between 10 and 14 weeks and you can expect to see massively marked down prices - unlike any other sale seen before.

So what is actually going on sale? Well, everything! Each store needs to be entirely cleared out, so the signs, boxes, mannequins, and merchandise all need to go.

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The liquidation sales are expected to start this Thursday October 19th at their various locations. Shoppers are being told that they can use their Sears gift cards and Sears Club Points during the liquidation period.  All sales will be final so nothing can be returned or exchanged.  Finally, the company promises to have delivery services available until November 30th.

For anyone that has shopped at Sears recently and is wondering what will happen to their in-store warranty, well after this week they will no longer be valid. However, in most cases you'll still have a 1 year manufacturer warranty to fall back on.

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In their press release announcing the news, the company took the time to thank its customers for their loyalty and support since 1953. To that, we say THANK YOU Sears for all you've done for Canadians these past 64 years. You will be missed.

Source: Sears

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