Oh, Canada, the land of loonies, poutines and insanely ridiculous fluctuating temperatures. It looks like Mother Nature had her jokester pants on last week because September 5th in Ontario and September 5th in Saskatoon couldn't have been more opposite.

Ontario had an insane surge of heat on Wednesday of last week. Record highs with the humidex topped 43°C. The temperature sweltered Toronto with the hottest September 5th the region had seen in over 70 years.

While fall-lovers in Ontario were tapping their feet awaiting their favourite season, Saskatchewan has already skipped right over it and went straight to winter.

September 5th in Saskatchewan was one of the coldest the province had ever seen. Two towns broke temperature records that were over 100 years old.

Via tauma | Flickr

Moose Jaw’s low temperature of –2.8°C broke a record from 1896, when Wilfrid Laurier was in his first term as Prime Minister. The town of Indian Head saw an even colder day with the low dipping to –3.3°C. The previous record was –1.7°C set back in 1903. Several other parts of Saskatchewan broke record lows as well, all of them from 1965 and later.

If that’s not the most Canadian weather you’ve ever heard of, I don’t know what is. All I know is I’d much rather a late summer than an early winter. Sorry, Saskatchewan.

Via Scott Webb | Unsplash

Source: The Weather Network

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