The greatest gift you could this holiday season is the gift of a home. This year, both rescues and newborn puppies in Canada are looking for forever homes, and what better timing to become a loving pet owner (or add a new furry member to your family) than during the holiday season?


Dogs in shelters are in need of homes this Christmas. Back in November, we wrote about the iAdopt program, which promotes adoption as the first option when bringing home a new family member.

This insightful article by Victoria Stillwell looks at the pros and cons of breeders vs. shelters. Should you decide to get a dog, please consider adoption first.

For a full list of participating locations, click here.

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Newborn Puppies is Canada's online marketplace dedicated solely to dogs. The website allows breeders from all over the country to post sale listings for dog and puppy adoption, professional dog services and new or used dog items. There are several breeds available, and prices differ based on breed.

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To look for dogs and puppies in your province that need homes (because all dogs, not just rescues need homes) for this upcoming Christmas, you can use the site's search features to select your province and isolate listings based on key words ("December" and "Christmas" are your best bet). We do not encourage giving the pets as gifts, but rather giving the pets themselves the gift of a new life in a loving home.

In Ontario, newborn corgis, terriers, maltese puppies, Yorkie-Russels, miniature poodles have all been listed; however, some puppies may have already been reserved. You can contact each breeder for more information. Browse the listings by province below:

Of course, buyers should always meet the puppy parents and inspect the living conditions of their prospective pets before they make a purchase. An immediate check-up with the vet for vaccinations is also highly recommended. has posted a helpful article that details what to look for, from using reputable breeders that provide sales contracts and lifetime breeder supports to finding the appropriate rescues.

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