Elevators are used so frequently in our day to day lives, especially if you live in an apartment building, that you never really think about something malfunctioning in them. Although a majority of elevators are always safe, sometimes something can go wrong. Health Canada has just issued a recall for a brand of residential elevators after there have been reports of the doors opening into the empty elevator shaft. 

The recall is for Cambridge Elevating Inc.'s Elmira, Heritage, and Hybrid residential elevators that have been sold throughout Canada and the United States. While there is not a specific list of exactly which buildings contain these elevators, Health Canada has stated that 1789 of these defective elevators were installed throughout Canadian buildings, while 681 were sold in the United States. 

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These elevators are newer models that have been installed anytime between January 2009 until November 2017 and are used for residential buildings. To view specific models and serial numbers that are affected you can view the full recall here. 

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The recall has been prompted after seven separate reports in Canada were filed of a microprocessor corruption.  This corruption is now known to cause the elevator door to unlock and open while an elevator isn't there. 

When the elevator is called to a floor by a user this corruption can cause the entry door to open into an empty elevator shaft which poses as a fall hazard for the user who is awaiting the elevator. 

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So far, no serious injuries have been reported from this recall. 

Health Canada is warning users to stop using these elevators immediately and for building owners to contact the dealer who installed the elevator. 

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Any elevator that has been affected by this recall needs to have a software safety upgrade immediately to prevent this incident from occurring again. 

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