When you think of sexy accents things like British, Australian, or Spanish often come to mind. The Canadian Accent usually doesn't. Shockingly though, the sexiest accents in the world were just revealed and Canada ranked near the top. 

Big 7 Travel just released a new list of the Top 50 sexiest accents in all of the world. They polled 1.5 million readers from 60 different countries around the world to find out which accents they found particularly sexy. They compiled and ranked those poll results to determine which accents are actually the best sounding and sexiest. Surprisingly, out of all 50 accents that made the list the Canadian accent almost cracked the top 10, coming in 13th. 

According to Big 7 Travel, the Canadian accent is the 13th sexiest in all the world. They say, "not to be mistaken for American, Canadians speak with subtle vowels and lots of ‘eh’."

Of course, as a Canadian, it's hard to believe that we have any accent at all, let alone a super sexy accent. Typically when people refer to the Canadian accent stereotypes like saying 'aboot' instead of 'about' come to mind or the word 'eh' which even Big 7 Travel mentioned in their write up too. 

Nonetheless, our so-called accent made the list and even did pretty well. Of course, there are 12 other accents from around the world who beat out Canada. Here's who else made the top of the list, in order from best to worst: 

  1. Kiwi (New Zealand)
  2. South African
  3. Irish 
  4. Italian
  5. Australian
  6. Scottish
  7. French
  8. Spanish
  9. Southern United States 
  10. Brazilian Portuguese
  11. Czech 
  12. Queen's English
  13. Canada
  14. Hungarian
  15. Ukranian

As for the worst accent on the list, as determined by Big 7 Travel's poll, that's apparently Croatian. Big 7 Travel says "the least popular Slavic accent, Croats just about made the Top 50."

Some other accents that were ranked low on the list were Romanian, Thai, Pakistani, German, Welsh, and New York. 


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