If you’ve been looking for the most ridiculously perfect Halloween costume for fall 2019, look no further! May I officially present to you: The Sexy ‘Beyond Meat’ Burger Costume, which is as incredible and bizarre as it sounds! For just $36.95 USD you could dress up as your favourite vegetarian snack, and take your ‘plant-based’ lifestyle to the next level!

The meat-free costume is sold by the lingerie brand Yandy, who are well-known for their unusual and ridiculous costumes. For your US$36.95, which is approximately CA$49, you’ll get a mini tan tube dress, designed to make you look like the sexiest walking, talking veggie burger in town!

To make sure everyone knows you're totally free from animal products, the costume also comes with a little headband that says “Plant-Based.” Just in case it still wasn’t clear enough, the dress has a certified stamp on the back too, reading, “Certified Not Grade A.”

The dress comes in multiple sizes, ranging from small to extra large, and can be ordered as part of a full-outfit with some heels and fishnet pantyhose! If you're still not convinced, the website even offers 10 percent off your first order with the company, so you can even be a veggie burger at a discount!

Describing the dress on their website, Yandy says, “You may think this is impossible, but it's not! Be the yummiest artificial patty between buns in this exclusive Beyond Burger costume featuring a tan tube dress with a speckled bust seed print, a ruffled lettuce trim with a burger patty print, a ruched bust and skirt, a curve-hugging fit, and a matching headband with PLANT BASED printed on a red flag with a brown puff accent.”

Not to miss out on an opportunity to inject some humour into your shopping experience, Yandy says in their blog, "Look at us being so inclusive of our vegetarian shoppers! We love all of our customers, regardless of what animal/plant they want to be this Halloween."

It seems that Yandy is well-aware that their customers could find the Beyond Meat costume a little ridiculous, as they included it as part of their list of "The Yandy Costumes You'll Make Fun of This Halloween.”

It was featured alongside several other weird and wonderful outfits, including a "birthday suit" style costume designed to make you look totally naked, a "Sexy Cauliflower Pizza" costume, and a very intimate version of Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit!

Whether you’re a true veggie or just want to terrify the meat-eaters this Halloween, this could be a perfect costume opportunity for you!

While they are a US company, Yandy ships to Canada and if you order before the end of the month, it will arrive before Halloween! Woohoo!

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