Move over Ryan Reynolds, there's a new Twitter show down! Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber are trolling each other on the internet right now and it's hilarious. 

The funny interaction between the two played out on Twitter and it's already viral, in less than an hour.

The humorous feud began when Bieber tweeted a clip from an appearance on 95.5 PLJ radio station when he was asked a question about Shawn Mendes.

His response: Who's Shawn Mendes?


This obvious sting was not going to go noticed by Mendes, of course.

The Pickering native didn't let Bieber's words slide and returned with the ultimate comeback.

"You don't remember us taking this pic together?" he said,  retaliating with a photo of himself with a young blond boy jokingly meant to be Bieber.

The Stratford star clapped back saying "this guy thinks he can beat me in hockey." 

The cute yet petty exchange comes after the two teased a collaboration just a day before.

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