On Friday, 32-year-old Orlando Brown lost his life in the custody of the Barrie Police Service after going into medical distress from being tasered and tackled to the ground by two officers. 

One bystander posted a shocking video of Brown being taken down by two officers outside of a Tim Hortons in downtown Barrie on Friday afternoon. "Look at the brutal force these officers are using on a civilian," the bystander says. "You guys are going to end up in jail for this yourselves," he says to the officers, "That is hardcore. Punching him, oh my God."

Via Volence Drummond

In the video, Brown can be seen trying to get on the ground in an effort to submit to the arrest, but the officers continue to Tase him and hold him on the ground with extreme force. 

One bystander told CTV News that the officers "asked him to see his ID and before he even had a chance to pull his ID out, the one guy just kicked him, (and) the other guy just starting Tasing him.”

In a statement by Barrie Police, Brown went into medical distress while he was getting booked. "Paramedics arrived, provided first aid to the man and transported him to hospital. A short time later, he was pronounced dead,” the statement reads.

Friends and family are devastated and shocked at the news of Brown's death. A friend of Brown's says that he was a very kind person who would "give the shirt off his back" to anyone in need. 

Brown's friend says he's shocked that something like this could happen in Canada. "It shouldn’t happen anywhere, but you only see things like that on the U.S. news, but here especially in small-town, nice Canada, it's not right,” he says.

Brown was also a "fantastic dad" to his 11-year-old daughter. Brown's former partner told CTV News,  “His daughter is completely devastated and now she’s left without her father. How’s she going to think police officers are safe when this is what happened to her dad?”

A vigil will be held this evening at 6:00 PM at the memorial site in downtown Barrie where Brown lost his life.

Source: Barrie Today, CTV News

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