While Ontario has been plagued by the lack of retail distributors of cannabis since the legalization of the drug in October 2018, it seems that some cannabis users will finally have more options. The new addition to the marijuana industry comes in the form of Shoppers Drug Mart officially entering the market as of today. The popular pharmacy chain store has been preparing for months in anticipation of becoming a medical marijuana provider in Canada. As of today, Shoppers Drug Mart has officially made medical marijuana available to residents in Ontario.

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Unfortunately, not all Ontarians will get to take advantage of Shoppers cannabis, considering that in order to be able to place an order, you have to log in with the information you would receive from your doctor. As in the case of Shoppers Drug Mart, in order to be able to buy their cannabis, you'll have to be assessed by a doctor who will determine if you need medical marijuana or not. 

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While this will definitely whittle down the Shoppers Drug Mart cannabis customer base, curious Canadians can still get a look at the website as well as their stock so far. At a first glance, the products already have significantly better packaging than the OCS and the website overall is decently designed: 

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Unfortunately for frustrated OCS customers, Shoppers Drug Mart won't be your saving grace unless you actually have a prescription to buy their cannabis products.

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On the bright side, it seems that the Ontario Cannabis Store has fixed most of their issues with order fulfillment and delays. Plus, brick and mortar stores are on the way in some Ontario cities. It likely won't be long until buying cannabis is as easy and simple as buying wine! 

Medical Weed And $10 Botox At Shoppers Drug Mart

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